How do I buy the Dataceptor?

You can buy it at this web site or through a local reseller.

Can I buy services from the Dataceptor company?



How do I get support?

Use our support form to get support or contact your reseller if they have specific knowledge about your installation.



Is it safe?

Your data is shielded from direct access by a web server and a database access layer. On top of that you have the possibility to use record level user access control and multiple types of authentication protocols.

Can I filter records based on the user?

Yes. It is possible to assign special properties to each user and use those in filters on forms. That way you can create portals for customers or sales people and limit the information each user can see.



Can I write data using the Dataceptor?

No. Dataceptor is a product to present data from a database on the web or internal network in a fast, secure, and easy way.

Does I support views? 

Yes. You can use views defined in the database or views defined in files. Views in files are portable just like forms and can be very useful on databases that do not store views.



Can I become a reseller?

If you have a customer base that could use the product then you can apply to become a reseller.


Dynamics NAV

Does it work with both Native and SQL databases?